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Our vision of
sustainable IT

The pillars of sustainable IT

To create a sustainable IT, we need to work on 3 essential pillars, which not only limit its environmental footprint but also guarantee access to all while respecting their privacy.


Sustainable digital approach

To reduce the environmental footprint of a sector that already accounts for 4% of global emissions.


INclusive products

To ensure everyone has access to a digital world that is increasingly prevalent in our lives.


privacy respect

To enable everyone to share only the data they wish and to use it responsibly.

Sustainable digital approach

Digital already accounts for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, so it is essential to make every effort to reduce its footprint.


Frugal approach

Digital already accounts for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, so it is essential to make every effort to reduce its footprint.


Eco-design of interfaces

Thinking every screen responsibly from the design phase, with a more minimalist vision focusing on the essentials.


LIGHTER developments

Consider best development practices, with a focus on web performance.


Eco-friendly hosting

Choosing a responsible provider to host your website or app in order to minimize its impact as much as possible.

Inclusive products

While many users are constrained in their usage, it is essential to ensure access for all.

Compliance with accessibility standards

Ensure compliance with current standards (RGAA), considering that 1 in 6 French citizens is disabled.

Mobile-first approach

Prioritize design for mobile, especially as it becomes the sole access to the Internet in some households.

Transparency and collaboration

Engage and educate employees in the process so that everyone can contribute at their level.

Privacy respect

On the web, user data collection has not always been transparent. Therefore, it is important to review collection methods and use data responsibly, particularly in line with GDPR regulations.


Consent collection

Specify the intended use of the collected data, allowing users to make informed choices accordingly.


Collection of necessary only

Collect only the data really necessary for the functioning of the digital service.


Storage security

Storing data in a secure environment and archiving/deleting it upon request if necessary.


Local hosting

Choosing a local provider to ensure the confidentiality of your users' data.

The agency

The proliferation of digital products and services is evident. Minimizing the impact on both humans and the planet should be concern for everyone. Our methods and techniques are based on the belief that we can offer accessible and ethic solutions. Our experts are committed to sustainability. We stand by your side.

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