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We are dedicated to building a relationship of trust and a strong partnership with each client.

This human adventure allows us to imagine responsible and virtuous products together.

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Bewizyu : Digital solutions

Our expertise is at the service of your teams, from the conception of your digital product to its maintenance. Our ambition is to redefine the standards of digital in order to create a sustainable world.


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Brand Website
Digital Marketing
Our latest projects
Mainstream Website
Improve the customer care through a responsive portal

The BUT blog generates traffic to the e-commerce site thanks to its high-quality content and SEO positioning. The Brand Content team aimed to provide value to their users by offering an enhanced experience through ergonomics, featured functionalities, and optimization of web performance.

Customer Area
Enhance the user experience on the website and mobile application

The challenges of this project were to have a reliable, secure, up-to-date, and scalable application, to be autonomous for capitalization and increased responsiveness, and to have freedom in implementing new features.

Bewizyu : Consulting

We support your teams from the conception of your digital product to its implementation. We want to meet the new needs of your users in order to create a sustainable digital world.


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Transformation Roadmap


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Design System
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UX Strategy
User Research
Content Design
UX Design


Innovation Strategy
Innovative Solutions
Our latest projects
Product Management
Industrialize the mobile application to automate deployment on app stores

This project focused on industrializing the mobile application of an ethical search engine. Customer benefits included the optimization of mobile deployment processes and ensuring software quality through automated testing.

User Experience
Enhance the user experience of the website and mobile application

The client wanted to offer a user experience in line with standards on web and mobile. We have to take into account accessibility standards and GDPR.

Bewizyu : Corporate Training

Our training institute offers personalized learning paths and educational programs.


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Individual coaching
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Training Consultants
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The proliferation of digital products and services is evident. Minimizing the impact on both humans and the planet should be concern for everyone. Our methods and techniques are based on the belief that we can offer accessible and ethic solutions. Our experts are committed to sustainability. We stand by your side.

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