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Innovation strategy

Structure innovation in your company.

We can help you to...

- Define a direction that should guide you in the long term
- Give a real place to innovation in our organization
- Implement your innovation strategy operationally
- Establish indicators to monitor innovation
- Industrialize innovation processes

Sustainable commitment

- Think about a sustainable and necessary innovation
- Rely on each person as a "source of innovation"
- Encourage everyone's involvement in a shared strategy

Leader de pratique Design & Innovation
The impact of innovation depends directly on the place it is given in a company. It's all about culture.

Our Expertise


- Audit of the existing
- Stakeholder interviews
- Ideation workshop
- Co-creation workshop
- Benchmarking
- Organizational consulting
- Coaching


- Innovation manifesto
- Stake mapping
- Literature review
- Study report
- Executive summary
- Service catalog

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