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Customer Portal

Professional Portal

Grant privileged access to your partners and professional clients to strengthen your brand image.

We can help you to...

- Equip your partners with relevant digital tools
- Retain your customers with personalized and gamified experiences
- Interconnect your digital ecosystems (PIM, CRM, ERP...)
- Reduce support requests with effective self-care
- Increase the satisfaction of your partners and resellers
- Boost your commercial performance with targeted offers

Sustainable commitment

- Prioritize key features to avoid developing unnecessary functionality
- Establish a clear product vision that incorporates sustainable principles such as accessibility, web performance, and user privacy (GDPR)
- Reduce paper usage by digitizing processes (invoices, quotes, certificates, etc.)
- Promote contact via chat or video to limit customer travel to agencies or stores
- Choose French solutions that are committed to an eco-design approach

In B2B, the portal streamlines the relationship between the client and the supplier. It often complements the usual point of contact, which may be the company's sales representative.

Our Expertise


- Onboarding and account creation
- Authentication, account, and dashboard management
- Interactive product documentation and manuals
- Product configurator and simulator
- Catalog and augmented reality visualization
- Brand news and targeted promotions
- Personalized user journeys and recommendations
- Notification center
- Dedicated mobile app and offline mode


- Dedicated advisor
- Ticket request tracking
- Expert technical support
- Claims management
- Contact form
- Web callback / video / chatbot

User voice


annual growth for B2B (business-to-business) sales compared to 2021 and 41% compared to 2019.*

* Source : France Num, « E-commerce en France : chiffres clés et 5 tendances fortes », février 2023.

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