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Transformation Plan

Implement the defined strategy, measure its impact, and build a long-term action plan.

We can help you to...

- Enable the professional development of each employee
- Develop the engagement of your teams
- Encourage cohesion and mutual aid
- Improve teamwork
- Create connections
- Facilitate communication
- Measure the impact using the identified indicators
- Share successes within your organization

Sustainable commitment

- A continuous improvement approach to sustain our support
- A long-term action plan to make the change last

Responsable du Pôle Produit
Making a sustainable commitment means building a useful strategy with a direct positive impact on the company and its teams.

Our Expertise


- Co-creation workshop
- Innovation workshop
- Seminar
- Training (agility, innovation, soft skills...)
- Individual coaching
- Internal communication
- Internal survey


- Service catalog
- Organizational manifesto
- Study report
- Long-term roadmap

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