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Public-facing Website

Digital marketing strategy

Bring your customer acquisition and retention marketing strategies to life, activate new business levers, and optimize your conversion rate.

We can help you to...

- Promote a special offer through an innovative digital campaign
- Bring your experiential marketing strategy to life and generate engagement
- Capture leads during digital prospecting campaigns
- Create a powerful digital campaign that aligns with your brand identity
- Optimize your conversion rate with high-value conversion funnels to increase your ROI
- Make sense of your data by connecting to third-party tools (Analytics, ERP, CRM, scoring, and lead nurturing)

Sustainable commitment

- Ensure an optimal user experience that takes into account all usage contexts and complies with web and mobile accessibility standards
- Guarantee smooth interactions through our mastery of the most efficient frameworks on the market
- Prioritize technical and functional choices that incorporate eco-design best practices
- Provide solutions that ensure optimal security and respect the privacy of your users
- Optimize the visibility of your campaign through search engine optimization (SEO)

It is crucial that the value proposition you offer to your users is paired with a conversion strategy specifically tailored to your marketing campaign.

Our Expertise

The essentials

- Landing page
- Event-based mobile app and website
- Interactive user journey
- Scrollytelling and animations
- Immersive website

Going further

- Gamification
- Real-time 3D
- Marketing automation
- Monetization
- A/B testing

User voice


of website visitors leave the main landing page without engaging further in a marketing funnel.

* Source : Gartner, « How to Increase Website Conversion Rates: A Guide for Software Providers », décembre 2022.

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