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Product management

Product Strategy

Co-construire votre vision et stratégie produit, en croisant vos besoins business avec les attentes de vos utilisateurs.

We can help you to...

- Define a direction that should guide you in the long term
- Present a clear and unique value proposition
- Align the contributors of your ecosystem
- Position and differentiate yourself from the competition
- Digitize your practices
- Have a comprehensive and omnichannel vision
- Have key performance indicators to aid decision-making

Sustainable commitment

- A product vision that carries impact and challenges your value proposition
- Clearly identified target audiences and expectations
- A clear direction to prioritize key uses

Responsable du Pôle Produit
To carry a sustainable commitment, it must be integrated as early as possible into your product vision, in order to communicate it to as many people as possible.

Our Expertise


- Audit of the existing
- Stakeholder interviews
- Ideation workshop
- Co-creation workshop
- Benchmarking
- Online survey
- Focus group
- User testing


- Stake mapping
- Literature review
- Study report
- SWOT analysis
- Product manifesto
- Positioning radar
- Executive summary

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