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Product management

Product Roadmap

Identify and prioritize the right features for your product, and include them in your roadmap.

We can help you to...

- Define a clear roadmap (MVP, release plan)
- Rally your stakeholders around a trajectory
- Establish a framework for prioritizing features
- Identify value-added features

Sustainable commitment

- Logic of frugality: do less but better
- A viable product in the long term, over time
- Good practices for screen accessibility
- User-centered approach focused on respect for your users

Responsable du Pôle Produit
The feature with the lowest impact from a sustainability perspective is the one that doesn't exist. Therefore, prioritization work is essential.

Our Expertise


- Ideation workshop
- Co-creation workshop
- Benchmarking
- Online survey
- Focus group
- User testing
- Prioritization workshop
- Speed Design Sprint


- Roadmap / Action plan
- Release plan / Batch proposal
- Definition of an MVP
- Prioritization elements
- Detailed backlog
- Functional specifications
- Functional requirement document

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