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Public-facing Website

Brand Platform

Boost your online presence and maximize your impact on clients, partners, and potential collaborators.

We can help you to...

- Develop a digital communication strategy in line with your objectives
- Build a visual universe that supports your brand strategy
- Increase your traffic with search engine optimization (SEO)
- Offer a simple yet impactful user experience
- Make your content interactive with animation effects
- Effectively manage the performance of your platform

Sustainable commitment

- Achieve more with our eco-design approach
- Gain in sobriety with our green hosting partners
- Guarantee optimal performance with custom development
- Commit to respecting the privacy of your users
- Provide resilient services with our security offering
- Offer an inclusive and accessible experience to as many people as possible

Your company's e-reputation is based on the digital experience you provide to your audience.

Our Expertise

Essential elements

- About us
- History and key figures
- News, FAQ, Blog, Search
- Press area, Careers
- Products, services, and advice
- Hours and location
- Contact us, social media
- Legal notices, data protection
- Accessibility statement

Going further

- Multisite platform
- Multilingual
- Chatbot
- Rich media (PDF, video, audio)
- Banners and interstitials

User voice


is the estimated proportion, in France, of people who cannot use digital tools and services due to their disability.*

* Source : Rapport du conseil national du numérique, « L’ACCESSIBILITÉ NUMÉRIQUE, ENTRE NÉCESSITÉ ET OPPORTUNITÉ », février 2020.

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