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User Experience

UX Strategy

Reach your business objectives with a sustainable and user-focused approach.

We can help you to...

- Have engaging and smooth paths
- Offer a consistent and coherent overall experience
- Increase the number of downloads
- Increase the subscription rate to an offer
- Align all contributors to the ecosystem

Sustainable commitment

- Frame the needs to rationalize the uses
- Monitor the performance of the paths
- Encourage user involvement
- Reduce the impact of the paths

UX strategist
Useful and responsible solutions are also the most effective for businesses.

Our Expertise


- UX audit, accessibility audit
- Ideation workshop
- Co-creation workshop
- Benchmarking
- Online survey
- Interview
- Focus group
- User testing


- Study report
- Audit report
- Service blueprint
- Persona
- Empathy map
- Experience map
- Executive summary

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